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Most of the Photos here are raw because I am lazy to edit. Anyways enjoy guys!!! 🙂

Saw this while I was eating at a dinner.
Hi there buddy
These Villas are so cute
This mosaic glass at Baden Powell Resto bar is the best
This is just breath taking
Hmm I never thought that pamphlets is a good wallpaper
Appreciating the beauty of art
Lookin at that perfect view at my moms house
At SM Baguio
This is a nice concept in re-decorating my room
Good mornin beautiful
Wow! this would be a nice garden decoration
Sunset guys, this is heartwarming
There’s a rainbow always after the rain
Rocky Mountain High
Art expo at Diplomat Hotel
Woahh, I want this in my bathroom
Feels like I’m sittin at the interrogation room.
This is so cute! Minimalism is better
Have a rainy good mornin guys!!!
This was at the Sinners or Saint Cafe in km. 3, La Trinidad. Its a nice place to go to if you want to spend a quite quality time with your special someone.
Even with a busy schedule we need to burn those fats
I’m gonna swing from the chandelier.. from the chandelier!!!!!
Ugh! Sunsets are the best! This was taken at my moms place
Who loves to get drunk!! I mean who loves wine? raise your hands up guys
😮 Wooahh What a breath taking view!
Spooky place? Not really !!
The Diplomat Hotel
Ugh!! I always love Vitamin Sea this was taken when I was with Convergys Philippines. 2014 or 2015?
Kon’nichiwa !!!! are you ready for some sushi and ramen?
Awwww how can you not love the sunset? 🙂
This was taken in Tayug, Pangasinan at the Sun flower maze Farm. I was a little bit disappointed because there no sunflowers at that time. But the place is still nice.
Ugh!! sunset guys sunset!! they are the best..
Who wants some vegies guys? 🙂