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Are you Hungry? Let’s go ahead and grab something to Eat

Mojitos and Hot cocho? It’s not the best combination but it’s worth the try
Do you love bread?
Let’s have a bowl of soup since the weather is chilly
Fresh Lumpia is one of the best delicacies in the Philippines aside from Chicken Adobo
Let’s grab a quick snack…. toasted bread with pesto and cheese
Another Bento box at my favorite Japanese Restaurant
Anyone up for dessert?
An all time favorite filipino food, Champorado with daing or dilis
Bento box on a rainy day
Breakfast at lunch
Hungry? Grab some of these filipino delicacies
Pizza anyone?
yep! lunch it is……
Such a refreshing day with this Frappe
Their pesto pasta with steamed chicken is mouth watering, it’s a must try guys
Coolers on a warm day
They’re too cute to be eaten
Well, another day at the Coffee Library
Pasta and Tea.. Try this out at the Coffee Library
Liner (combination of lunch and dinner) guys?
Shake, anyone? Uhg don’t mind the ashtray from the background its not mine……
A delicacy from Ilocos, Lomi and Empanada. Lets EAT!!!!
Day 3 of my Ramen Craze!
Cake anyone? What flavor is your favorite?
Ramen again? Anyone?
Who would not want to have an authentic Ramen. I highly recommended Zushimi on your list if you want to eat cheap but mouth watering Japanese delicacies.
OH MY GOSH!!!! I am on a SEE FOOD diet
Anyone here love nachos? raise your hands up!
Ugh!! how can you not resist burgers and fries. The juicy patty and the crispy potato plus beer? I guess? what do you think?
My shake and mojitos brings all the boys at the yard and they’re like its better than yours damn right its better than yours.. have a good weekend pips!!!!
This delicacy is an all time filipino favorite. A gathering is not complete without this “Fresh Lumpia”. You need a lot of patience if you intend to serve this to your visitors but its worth it. I have left a link below if you want to check on the recipe and on how to prepare this mouth watering delicacy.
Take a break! have a nice cup of coffee and try to relax. Don’t stress your self.