Is Rape Happening Inside the Household?

In this world that we live in, its still a big norm for us to discuss gender equality, and human rights. This topic has been one of the reasons why the society is divided. Anyhow, others say that equality, and human rights are based on religion, sect, and tradition, because what is ethical to one group might not be the same to another. That’s odd isn’t it, further, I want to open the topic of a man raping his wife. I know that this is a sensitive issue but I guess we need to be more open minded and we need to speak for those who are scared to share their thoughts.

Husband and Wife is combined by religion as one person. So, they should be inseparable, just the famous wedding vows “Till Death Do Us Part”. But what if at the verge of their marriage something happened. The Husband changed and became aggressive, the worst part is he rapped his wife and it became a habit for the husband to do it. Anyway, there’s a lot of cases around the world to prove that this scenario is really happening. In my own interpretation, the Husband can be accused of marital rape if he forced his wife to make love with him. In other words, force has been used for his fleshly pleasure.

We have to understand that rape is having a sexual activity without the consent of the other party, or it is against their will. In my point of view, once a married couple will make love, both party should have agreed to do it. There should be love involve, not force, or threats. Also, this issue is being neglected by people in authority like the politicians or the police because they often thought that it is not relevant. But the naked truth is, we need to concentrate on how we can eradicate this kind of acts inside the household. A lot of women experience this everyday, and I guess all we need to do is to fight and stand for their rights.  

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