Did Elvis Presley Faked His Death and Now Serving as a Pastor?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the legendary singers will rise from the dead and they will continue to produce good music? Anyhow, some of you might think that it’s spooky and scary but look at the bright side at least you will be able to see them again. Also, the feeling of grieve and loneliness from their family will turn into happiness. Anyway, a lot of dead artists are speculated to be alive and faked their passing. There’s a lot of reports that they have been living as a normal person and one of them is the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. Everyone knows about the king since he is a public figure and no one can forget his hits like “Love me Tender” and “Hound Dog.” Moreover, what if I tell you that he is still alive and speculations say that he faked his death. Plus, according to reports he is now working as Pastor Bob Joyce in a small congregation.

The Conspiracy of His Death

Elvis Presley was declared dead on August 16, 1977 and he was 42 years old at that time. In addition, the prime suspect for the king’s death was the overdose of prescription drugs that lead to cardiac arrhythmia. In line with this, some says that the body that was buried is a dummy and Presley is still alive to this date. A lot of people say that he is now a singing pastor in Arkansas. Some conspiracy theorists says that the king faked his death to avoid the pressure and hassle of being famous. Also, he should have been 84 by now. Surprisingly, this pastor is a talented musician too and he have the same singing style like Elvis.

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