Nature Re-claiming its Rightful Place

Modernization is important for humans because it makes our life comfortable. Of course, no one wants to walk for miles to go on grocery shopping, visiting your friends, or going to the hospital. Tall office buildings are being put up for the working class and luxurious condos or hotels for us to have roofs over our heads. But is this worth it?

Humans destroy nature because of modernization. Loud engines from huge trucks, chainsaws and loud banging of trees that is being cut down. Moreover, a lot of animals are being left without a home. I personally believe that in the future, the next generation will have nothing left to enjoy. In spite of this, it seems that mother nature is re-claiming its rightful place.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 a lot of people was placed under intense quarantine. It came to a point that a lock down is necessary and they are not allowed to leave their respected houses. With this, some factories shut down and tourist spots closed. This is difficult specially for the bread winners of the family but this is a good scenario for planet earth to heal itself.

There are numerous reports that due to the Covid-19, the destructive effect of green house gas was reduced. This also contributes to the reduction of climate change. This Virus is destructive for humans but it seems that it’s a good sign for mother nature. There are also sightings in different parts of the world that animals roam freely on the streets. The Grand Canal in Venice also has visitors, there are reports that dolphins and ducks were spotted enjoying the human free Canal.

Maybe, this is a wake up call for us not to abuse nature and respect it. This is the right time for to change our ways not be so greedy. this is the right time for us to live in harmony with other living things. Let us ALWAYS bear in mind that humans are not the only living creatures in this planet.

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