Are Southern Baptist Churches Got Involved in Sex Scandals?

The church is a dwelling place to commune with God. Also, this is a sanctuary where people go to in times of spiritual turmoil or if they want to find their inner peace. Anyhow, what if this sacred place has secrets behind its walls?

Further, these walls are the mute witnesses to every secrets that are yet to be untold. Sexual abuse inside the church is an ancient problem and a lot of church leaders are trying to erase this. Anyway, there are tons of incidents regarding sexual scandals that are being addressed properly and sometimes once the offender is released they are restored back in service.

Nowadays, people cannot be complaisant, you need to be aware of everything that is happening. Not just to protect yourself but also to protect your loved ones. Moreover, the Southern Baptist Church is one of the largest congregation in the U.S. In spite of this, they have the largest report of abuse reaching to more than 700 since 1998.

Is The Church a Safe Place?

According to the report of 2 Texas newspapers there are 380 church officials and volunteers who faced accusations of sexual abuse. Further, most of the victims were children as young as three years old, maybe because they cannot say “no.”

In addition, some of the offenders still continued to work at Southern Baptist Church. Isn’t it scary? That your son or your daughter might be their next target. In line with this, catholic churches has a shared data base that keeps personal records. Plus, once a church leader or volunteer was convicted of a crime, they will not be able to step in that church again. It’s like a punishment for them not to harm others anymore. But let’s just hope that these churches has an action plan for this horrific offenders.

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