Another Conspiracy: Elvis Presley Explained his Disappearance

A lot of people loves conspiracy because it tickles the interest of the human mind. Also, releasing a conspiracy theory will make the person famous. But in most cases, this leads to their own destruction. Further, many people believe in extra-terrestrial beings, super humans who travel through time, and famous people who faked their death. In line with this, Elvis Presley is not excused from this conspiracy theory. Through the years after his death a lot of people claimed that the king of rock and roll is still alive. Some of them testified that they saw Presley in the flesh. This conspiracy has been one of the most fascinating issue to date and another evidence has been released. Now, the evidence can be heard on a tape recording, plus this was studied by experts to prove its authenticity.

Photo by Pixabay

Elvis Presley is Alive

The legendary American singer actor died in 1977 due to heart attack and he was only 42 years old. It seems that the world stopped when people heard about his passing. There will be no other artist who can match Presley’s achievements and contribution to the music industry. Anyway, that’s not the issue here because 40 years after his death, millions still believe that Elvis Presley is alive.

Photo by Pixabay

Solid Proof that the King is Alive

Recently a new evidence was found confirming that the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley is alive. Gail Brewer-Giorgio an American author released a tape that was supposedly belong to Presley. In an investigation, it was said that the tape was recorded in 1981 four years after the kings death. In the audio recording, the man says:

People ask me all the time where Im living, and naturally I cant say, but its a good place to hide. There was an island that I learned about a long time ago and I guess I always knew, some day, Id probably have to use it.

Furthermore, the voice recording was also authenticated by L.H. Williams who is an expert in voice recognition. But, what do you think about this new found evidence, is it real or a hoax?

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