What is the True Meaning of Beauty?

Nowadays, self enhancement is not illusive, it’s just up to you to find the right doctor and the right price. Then, you can change your flaws and be more beautiful than before. This is the trend of today, face lift, nose job, double eye lid surgery, liposuction, name it, there is nothing that science can’t do. But what is the true meaning of beauty?

Korea is well known for its traditions, and beautiful scenery that can take your breath away. But it is also known for one thing, “plastic surgery,” this country has the most advance technology when it comes to body enhancement. Also, it’s just normal for them to go under the knife and actually it is being advertise everywhere. Moreover, there’s a lot of clinics that offer plastic surgery at a cheaper price but be careful because you might just be risking your life.

In the history of plastic surgery, there’s a lot of people who died due to body enhancement. It’s not just being publicized often by the media. And sometimes clinics blame it on the patient that their body is weak to undergo plastic surgery, so that these ‘professionals’ can go away with the responsibility. Going under the knife is a tough decision and we need courage to do that. Plus, they say that once you had it, you will get used to it.

There’s a lot of testimonies of people who have gone under the knife and it became addictive to them. They just crave for more and they wont stop until they erase all the imperfections on their body. But after those enhancements, they will become a complete different person. These are the people who had became gaga over plastic surgery. Some of them had undergone 40 surgeries, some 50 and, others, more than a hundred. Its just sad that they are not getting satisfied, yet, they will grow old anyway.

Hey, I don’t hate those people going under the knife, it’s just that why do you need to do it? Do you have a lot of insecurities? And of course I don’t want to be called a product of technology because of my enhanced face. Moreover, I don’t want to be a walking botox, that is scary. But whatever your decisions are, I respect that, just be careful and consult the experts.

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