Do We Need to Change the Music within the Church?

Music can be one of the most controversial topics that we can talk about because sometimes it represents a lot of things. Also, music nowadays has a lot of hidden meaning and euphemism is being used to hide its true message. This can also be a powerful tool to influence other people since all of us listens to music every day.

Photo by Felix Ramirez

Since the invention of musical instruments, there’s a lot of genres that branch out. Anyhow, some of them are inspirational, some are love songs, some praise God, and some are full of hate and anger. Further, composers create such masterpiece when there is a significant event that they’ve experienced. And sometimes their emotions are being reflected on their masterpiece. But how about the music that we hear within the church? Do we need to change it? Do we need to implement a solemn service or can we add drums and electric guitar?

Music Evolved in Churches

Through the years music changed its course, especially in churches. Moreover, the commonly used instruments are the piano or organ. Furthermore, this has been one of the most traditional instruments for holistic worship service. In spite of this, there are other instruments that were added like drums, guitar, tambourine, banjo, hand bells and many more. Also, some traditionalist found it irritating and disturbing to use such instruments. On the other hand, others accepted this kind of change and evolution. It’s just odd to see Christians setting a standard on how a certain church music should be.

Photo by Karyme França

Music is also a way of communicating and praising God. As you see there is no reason for setting a standard on how music should be played in church. I mean, as long as you have a pure heart and good intentions then that’s enough. We have our own ways on how to worship Him and of course we have our own unique way on how to show it.

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