I’m alone here in this dark room

It’s filled with darkness and pain

It’s so cold that makes me chill…

I can’t do anything

I want to go outside  and feel the warmth of the sun

But I think I will be a prisoner forever

Until I will get weaker

I want to use my wings to fly

To be free and touch the sky

But this chain on my body

Will not allow me to be free

Can’t I be happy?

Every night I’ve cried

Waiting for someone to save me

For days I’m getting weaker and weaker

Until I can’t feel my body lying on the ground

I am losing hope

Until one day the door opened

I can feel the light of the sun touching my face

Its so warm…..

And you came to me holding the key

You held you’re hand beside me

At last I am free……

I spread my wings and fly

For the rest of my life

I am so happy

I thank it all to you..

You save me from my misery…´╗┐

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