Angels are one of the Most Mysterious Creatures

There are twelve different types of Angels as mentioned in the Bible and each type played a vital role in the kingdom of God. Also, these creatures were mentioned 273 times in the Holy Scriptures. They are sent to help God’s disciples or to punish the wicked. Further, these mysterious creatures are the sidekicks of God, they observe us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year. Maybe they wanted to make sure that we are always safe.

Photo by Paola Rangognini

In the past years there have been a lot of reports regarding these magical creatures. There are claims that they have seen Angels flying around or showing their self to a human. But until now there are no solid evidences to prove those claims. Maybe they are shy and they don’t want to be discovered.

Photo by Pixabay

Angels were created first before mankind, but until now we know less about them. Let’s just hope that someday they will reveal themselves for us to know more about these mystical creatures.

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