A Classic Love song: Don’t Be Cruel

People always talk about love and sometimes we don’t understand its true essence. Anyhow, what is the true meaning of love? Is it general in terms of understanding?

In my opinion, love differs from person to another. Why? it is because we gave different types of love in various situations. But for the meantime let’s talk about the kind of love that everyone wants to feel. Even great artists write songs about love and we will cover one of them. Elvis Presley started his journey in the music industry in 1953, wherein he pioneer of Rockabilly, Backbeat-driven, rhythm and blues, and uptempo. After a few years his career skyrocketed.

Photo by Pixabay

A Plea of Honesty and Having a Pure heart

Some people say that if you love someone, then you have to show them. Hence, we remain faithful, we understand them better than anyone else. Moreover, we spend the rest of our lives with them. Anyhow, that is the theme of the classic hit “Don’t be Cruel” from the king of rock n roll, Elvis Presley. The hit is a complete package of what every woman expects to their lover. Nonetheless, this song was a massive hit.

Photo by Pixabay

Do you have your own favorite love song? let me know on the comments below!

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