My Spooky Experience

All of us have encountered paranormal events in which we cannot explain the weird things that is happening. Others, will just cross their arms and pretend that they did not notice it. Well, in fact, at the back of their mind they are so scared. 

Photo by Tookapic

Now, I will share to you one of the spookiest experience that I’ve encountered few years ago. Anyhow, this happened when me and my family moved to a new house. It is a bungalow house with three bedrooms, a living room, a dinning room, and two kitchen. The previous owner of the house moved out because of his work and that’s the only information we got. On our first month, everything seems to be normal, but it won’t be the same after I had my first job. I work in the night shift, so I am always alone in our new house during the daytime. Thus, my only companion is our 2 cats and my dog Yuki. When I’m in my room, I usually hear footsteps in the living room and when I went to check, nothings there, just my dog sleeping on the couch. Sometimes I also hear the faucet being opened automatically, but take note no one is there.

Usually, this strange things will happen four to three times in a month until I got used to it. I did not tell my parents nor my siblings because I know they will be scared, and I don’t want that to happen. 4 months passed and I did not experience any weird activity on our new house, hence, I thought everything was over. But I was wrong, the worst is yet to come.

Photo by JordanStimpson

It was Sunday that time and my family went to church, as usual, I was left alone because I was having a fever. I had to put the window curtains down because I was trying to get some sleep and everything is a little bit dark. When I’m about to fall asleep, I saw a shadow of a woman standing at my door I looked at her for about 5 seconds then I rubbed my eyes and she was gone. I covered my body with blanket and I tried to sleep on my left side, but I can’t, the image of the shadow is bothering me. And when I turned to my right the shadow is lying next to me. I felt the cold chills on my spin and my heart pumped fast as if I ran from a killer. I closed my eyes for about 5 minutes praying that she will go away and when I opened my eyes, she was gone.

I never told this story to anyone until today and I hope that this chilling experience will be the last.

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