Even Tough Guys has Their Soft Side

Welcoming a new member of the family is heartwarming and exciting. Moreover, there will be mixed emotions once you get to see your first born child. This was felt by Spc. Brooks Lindsey after watching the birth of his daughter at the airport. His flight was delayed and Lindsey was not able to make it on time. But thanks to technology he was able to witness this breath taking event. Upon landing at Mississippi he rushed over to the hospital to see his daughter. Anyway, they named her Millie Fritz Anne and she was also welcomed by his fathers colleagues.

Photo by Pixabay

The Sacrifice of Being a Soldier

Behind those manly uniforms and intimidating aura, these men have families that waits for them to get home safely. These military men always struggle for their life once they are in the battle field hoping that they will survive. Let us not forget the sacrifice that they need to endure.

Photo by Pixabay

They are keeping the country safe and they are missing a lot of special events in their household. Further, they put their lives on the line for us to be safe. If you see a soldier, don’t forget to thank them.

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