Why do Lifelong Couples Die Together, Is It Just a Coincidence?

There’s a lot of reported incidents about an elderly couple dying a few hours apart from each other. It’s seems they wanted to be together even in the afterlife. This surpasses the wedding vows “Till death do us part” because it seems that this lovely couples cannot be separated. Anyway, the public is drawn to this heartbreaking story that will make you believe that forever is real even in the afterlife.

Elderly couples dying apart is one of the latest trends news of today. Why? It is because the public loves to read articles related to unending love. Maybe it’s their way to have hope for them to be able to find their lifetime partner. But what does science has to say about this phenomena?

The Syndrome of Lifelong Couples

When couples live for a long time they will be used to their partners scent, attitude, and laughter. Probably making it hard for them to move on. Moreover, this is not a simple event because experts discovered the reason for this phenomena. Scientist said that there is a thing called “Broken Heart Syndrome.” It is believed to be acquired when someone loses the person dearest to their heart. Death of a spouse is considered to be one of the most painful and stressful things that a person can experience. Aside from the mental anguish and grief, this can also affect the physical component of a person. If the stress is severe it may affect the heart and other internal organs of the body.

But of course you need to understand that their body cannot take such trauma due to old age. Moreover, losing a lifelong partner is shocking and it is not easy to handle. In spite of this, it’s nice to hear their stories, about how they conquered the world with their love.

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