John and Ann Betar, Longest Married Couple in America for 86 years

Some lovebirds are meant to be and they are inseparable. Further, it seems like they will get sick or sad if they will not see each other. Also, others will have long chit chats not even noticing the time. Maybe that’s what real love is, that’s how a person feel when they are madly crazy in love with someone. Anyhow, long lasting relationship is one of our ultimate dreams. But sadly, not everyone can achieve this goal. But for the meantime, let us look at John and Ann Betar, who have been together for nearly 9 decades. Wow!, I bet they really loved each other that much.

The Roller Coaster Marriage

The fascinating truth about the couple is that, they were not supposed to be married but destiny made its way. Ann’s father wanted her to marry another man who was 20 years older than her, but her love for John prevailed. Considering this, their love for each other conquered all the obstacles that they went through. It’s just heartbreaking that John passed away in 2018 at the age of 107, before their 86th anniversary. Ann was by her side until the end. Their testimony is inspiring, no matter what obstacles you face it is possible to preserve love.

How about you? how many years have you been married. Leave your thoughts on the comment section.

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