Have You Ever Been In love?

Most people say that once you’re in love you will be head over heels. Also, being in love is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s like an epidemic that no one can resist and most of all, it’s contagious. But have you ever been in love that you keep on thinking about them all day. And sometimes you will go crazy over them, you will be worried or moody if they will not give their attention to you.

Photo by Natthanon Kongyam

As a matter of fact, yes, that’s how I feel right now so I understand how you feel. Maybe that’s the consequence for catching the arrow of cupid. But why is it that the love you’re giving is not bouncing back. It’s like you’re giving a 100% but you only receive 50% or less and sometimes this scenario hurts you so much. Plus, the twist is, you can’t do anything because you really love the person.

Photo by Polina Sirotina

In my younger days, I use to believe that love is the secret medicine to everything. But now I’m starting to convince my self that it’s not. Sometimes love will be the top reason to hurt you. Just think about this line from the song of Mariah Carey “If you love someone you don’t treat them bad.” I guess that girl is right, but how about you what are your thoughts on this and what will you do if you’re on this situation?

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