97-Year-Old Grandpa sings “How Great Thou Art” before Dying

There is no specific time and place in worshiping God because that is your personal time with Him. Also, some people will use the power of making a joyful noise to praise His name. Others will pray, tell their testimony, and sing countless hymns. Just like this 97-year-old grandpa who sings “How Great Thou Art” before dying. Moreover, he only showed that he is not afraid to go and he is indeed excited to meet the Lord. How about you? Do you feel that sense of excitement to meet your creator? That must be a glorious day to all Christian believers. But if you will have the chance to meet the Lord what will you ask Him?

Photo by John-Mark Smith

Grandpa sings his last Song

This grandpa who was confined due to his health condition served God until the end of his life. He was taped by his granddaughter singing “How Great Thou Art” and he was accompanied by some friends and families. On the video, the old man is enjoying his moment praising God even though he is near to his last days.

Last Praises to God

Before this grandpa died he requested for a worship service in his room in the hospital. Anyhow, the saddest part is the old man passed away the very next day. Many people who watched the video were moved by how strong his faith is. Some of the people also commented that he is now in heaven singing hymns of praise.

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