What to Expect Once you Live Alone

For sure a lot of you can relate to this topic because most of the time you have experienced living alone. Anyway, everyone wants to live in a free environment where in there are no rules and you can do whatever you want. Of course everyone wants this to happen to live in a house with no limitation. But come to think of it the only time you can achieve this goal is to live alone.

Photo by Marianne

I have been living alone for almost a year now since I moved out from my parents house. It’s fun because for the first time I will get to decide on my own, I can wake up anytime I want, and there’s no curfew. In short, I will live by my own rules. Having my own place made me excited all the time but then again living alone is not always fun.

Photo by Michael Morse

The good side of living alone is that you will learn new things. I am forced to cook my own food but I always missed my moms cooking. I am forced to wash my clothes but moms washing is spot on. If I will go to a party my dad drives me to make sure that I’m safe. Now, I have to go there on my own with the hassle and danger of commuting. When I’m sick mom and dad makes sure that I don,t miss my meds but now I have to do it on my own. Most of the time I miss the comfort of our home but I have to realize that my parents will not be always at my side they will die someday and I have to stand on my own feet.

In conclusion, there’s a lot of privileges that you can do once your trying to be independent. But you will always go back home.

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