Till Death do Us Part

How long have you been married with the love of your life? One year, two years, three years, or have you been together for a long time? Anyway, finding the right person for you is difficult. Just the like old saying goes “Falling in love is easy but staying in love is hard.” Just like these couple who have been married for seventy years. Plus, they managed to stay in love until their last breath ended.

According to studies being in love with the person does not guarantee that the relationship will work. Thus, the couple needs to have understanding, patience, and compatibility. 

The Couple who have been In love for Seven Decades

Preble Staver and Isabell Whitney studied in Philadelphia. Staver was born on October 17, 1921 and Whitney on October 31 of the same year. Moreover, this proofs that they are meant to be together. Further, the couple met on a blind date and they were head over heels in love ever since. When U.S. entered the Second World War the couple signed up to help their country. It was a rough time for them and they were not given the luxury to see each other.

Photo by Nicholas Githiri

The Final Strings of their Life

Preble Staver joined the Marines and Isabell Whitley was a Navy Nurse during the war. Anyway, when the war ended the couple were reunited and got married on February 15, 1946. The couple was full of love and they were determined to overcome all obstacles in life.  Furthermore, they were blessed with five kids which are living testimonials of how they loved each other. The bitter sweet ending of this story is that they died on the same day. At least they will continue their journey in the afterlife.

Photo by Artem Bali

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