What is our purpose?

Most of us search for the answer of the true meaning of our existence. A lot of philosophers enlightened us with their brilliant ideas and stand point. But what is the true meaning or purpose of mans existence?

This has been debated by well known public speakers, scholars, and writers. Some people say that our purpose is to act as a steward on the things that God gave us. We need take care of the natural blessings that we have. Ironically, humanity is the main reason why most of Gods natural blessings came to extinction.

Photo by MMckein

Living in harmony with another human being is expected of us. But why is it that we are being consumed by anger and greed. Most of the time we want to have more money than other people, we want to have a prettier face and a perfect body for us to stand out, and we want to be popular for us to have a lot of friends. Is this the true meaning of mans existence? If this is our purpose, then I would rather be non existent.

In my opinion, the true meaning of our existence is to make change regardless of its impact. Try to create a legacy that people will remember once they hear your name. life is short and we don’t have any time to fill our minds with greed and hatred.

Photo by Victor Freitas

Always remember, what ever thoughts you plant into your mind will branch out and grow into a tree. Don’t forget your true purpose in this life!

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