What are the Grounds to end a Relationship

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with your partner? Do you still remember the sparks that you felt? The butterflies in your stomach? The excitement in the air once you get to see him/her. I know, being in love is precious and priceless. But, what if the feeling is gone?

Most of us will try to work things out to save the relationship because we believe that they are the one. We try to cling on to the memories and the dreams that we’ve build with our partners. But do you think it will still be healthy?

On your first months, you can stay on the phone for hours just to tell how your day was. You greet each other “good morning” and end it with a “good night.” You are so sweet towards each other that you want to be together 24/7.

Until your nightmare came to a reality. Both of you are not the same anymore, you don’t even talk that much. Moreover, your text messages became shorter and shorter. The worst part is, the spark that you felt the first time is slowly fading.

There’s a lot of reasons for this, maybe you outgrow each other, or you get tired of the repeated attitude that is unacceptable. Maybe, you don’t see your self growing old with your partner anymore or the worst part is you fell out for love.

There’s a million reason for a person to give up on a relationship. My only advise is, keep the spark as lively like your first meeting. Don’t be so insensitive towards your partner and always give them time. don’t take them for granted because no matter how much they love you people get tired and they give up. 

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