Can We Eradicate Poverty?

This has been one of the ancient problems of society. Thus, it is rampant in any part of the world. But can we erase it? Can we put this to an end? Everyday, a lot of children die from severe malnutrition, and the cause of this, is poverty.

In my country, eradicating poverty has been one of the platforms of many politicians who run for office. Sadly, no one has ever eradicated it. May be it’s just that their term is not enough to suppress it or they did not do their job.

In my opinion, there’s a lot of ways to eradicate this ancient villain. First, we need to concentrate on free education, this will pave a way for them to be able to graduate and land a job. Second, we need to consider job opportunities, the government needs to think of a way on how they can provide a sustainable livelihood program. And lastly, we need to concentrate on health care benefits.

If we want to destroy this enemy, then we should work together. Moreover, this process is not overnight it may take years for it to be resolved. But at least we are doing something to help other people. We only have one life so let’s use it in a meaningful way.

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