Marriage: Is it a Binding Contract?

This is one of the happiest events in ones life. Every man and woman dreamed of it to happen. Others say, getting married will complete your life as a human being. But, is marriage a binding contract?

I remember one of my professors in collage says that “marriage is a legal slavery.” Maybe it’s true but for some, it is false. After marriage the couple will plan to start their own dream of a happy family. But, what if the family you dreamed off shattered into pieces.

Marital abuse is not a new thing, some are attacked physically or emotionally. This is one of the saddest reality that we witness everyday. The worst part is, a lot of abused women or men will stay in the relationship just to save their marriage. But they don’t realize what their doing is wrong. 

Staying in that kind of relationship will destroy a persons well being. Know your worth. Importantly, know when to fight if its needed. Every person needs to be happy in a relationship. We have a lot of groups that you can run too for support.

Personally, this event destroyed my perception towards marriage. what about you? what is your take on this issue.

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