The Rainbow Bridge

Are you a pet lover or do you hate having pets around you? I grew up in a household where in we consider pets as a part of our family. In my opinion, these extended members brings joy and happiness to ones heart.

We even talk to them as if they fully understand what we’re saying. Plus, we feel worried if they are sick or not feeling well. The worst part is, we grieve if we have to say goodbye to them.

Recently, we have to say goodbye to our four pups and their dad. The pups were born premature and their dad was euthanized because the vet advised us that he is suffering from Distemper. And the mom of the pups is still recovering from the cesarean operation.

Tears fell especially when we heard the tragic news. But what can we do? maybe its their time to say goodbye. Our family is still in grieve but I hope that our pets are happy waiting at the rainbow bridge. I know that they are waiting.

How about you guys? is there a special member of your family that you miss?

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