Societies Judgment: Is Inner Beauty Important?

Nowadays, outer beauty is very important. Sometimes, it is the basis whether a person will be accepted in a group or not. A lot of people invest in cosmetic surgery just to enhance their physical appearance.

This has been a widespread craze and a lot of beauty clinics sprouted like mushrooms. They all have one goal, that is to remove your imperfections. It doesn’t matter if a person has a good attitude or not. It doesn’t matter if a person is boastful or not. What matters the most is their appearance and what they wear.

This mentality has poisoned a lot of people, especially in setting societies standards. That’s why bullies and body shammers are born. In my opinion, we are beautiful in our own unique ways. There’s no such thing as perfect because every human being has their own flaws. The important thing is, we need to accept who we are and we need to be happy and contented. We are beautiful and no one is born ugly and don’t let your self be eaten by the generic standards of society.

CTO: Yokota kun

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